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Our Activities

Our activities mainly focus on medical education in Asian countries, especially Cambodia. We started annual conference in 2018, held in Phnom Penh, and also hold monthly online clinical reasoning conference between two countries. In addition, we have seminars for medical students and young physicians to support their future global career.

APSARA Course on General Medicine

The purpose of APSARA Course is to share important essentials of clinical practice in the form of an international conference. There will be case presentations, educational lectures, workshops, physical examination courses and BLS courses.

Online APSARA Course

We offer a monthly online clinical reasoning course, which aims not to make a diagnosis, but to help students develop the correct thinking process to reach to a diagnosis.​

Medical education for medical students at Puthisastra University

We provide clinical education for medical students at Puthisastra University, which is a private university in Cambodia. By contributing to medical education, students will be exposed to the good essence of Japanese medicine at the medical student stage, leading to the development of leaders of the next generation.

APSARA research project

We will promote medical research through APSARA's network. By conducting research linking Japan and developing countries, we will evaluate the quality of our activities and utilize them in our future activities.

Educational support program for young Japanese physicians

APSARA members, who are actually engaged in international activities, will provide the skills and mindset necessary to carry out international activities, using their own experiences.

Financial support for participation in international conferences

In order to participate in the annual APSARA Course on General Medicine in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we will arrange airfare, accommodation, sightseeing, tours of various facilities, and international cooperation. We will support you to participate in this event in a relaxed manner.

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